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      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Vipers X2 by Harv

1/48 Academy CH-113 Labradors by Harv
Grave Digger F-14 Tomcat by Harv

1/48 Monogram CF-101 Voodoo by "Harv"
Scratchbuilt Newfie Mutant by Harv
Canadian collection by Harv
1/72 Hobbycraft Ch-113 Labrador by Harv
1/72 Hasegawa/Revell CP-140 Auroras by Harv
1/72 RCAF Grumman Goblin by 'Harv'
1/72 MPM S-51 by Harv
1/72 Airfix Canadian Nimrod by Harv
1/72 Italeri Hercules by Harv
Pure Adrenaline Mustang by Harv
1/72 Liberty Models CC-115 Buffalos by Harv
Snowbird 8 by Harv
Search and Rescue scene by Harv
Caprica Assault Transport by "Harv"
A Bunch of Bananas by Harv
1/32ish Sky Pilots CH-124 Sea King by Harv
1/72 Airfix CT-134 Musketeer by Harv
1/32ish Skypilots "Waterbird" CH-124 Sea King by Harv
1/48 Revell "100 Yrs CF-18" by Harv
1/144 Amodel XC-8A by Harv
1/72 Astra Models Vac-formed Tutor by Harv
1/32 Sky Pilots Sea King 50th by Harv
1/144 Airfix Purolator 727 by Harv
1/72 Italeri RCAF Dakota by Harv

S.H.I.E.L.D's OTHER Ride by Harv
1/72 Italeri/Testors C-119 Boxcar by Harv
Monster Jam Black Stallion P-51 Mustang by Harv

1/72 Hasegawa CP-140 Aurora by "Harv"

1/72 Hasegawa/Revell CP-140 Auroras by Harv

1/48 Hasegawa CH-124 Sea King by Harv

1/72 Hasegawa CT-133 T-Bird by Harv

$40 Airbrush Booth Build by Harv

RCAF Lancaster x2 by Harv

1/72 Italeri FWSAR C-27J Spartan by Harv

1/72 Airfix Halifax by Harv

Yup, it's another Labrador by Harv

1/72 Heller CL-415 Super Scooper by Harv

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