Caprica Assault Transport

Gallery Article by "Harv" on Feb 3 2012


Battlestar Galactica was the basis of the prequel series Caprica.  Not able to capitalise on the popularity of its origin, it was finished off in a hurried fashion, but gave me some inspiration.  The assault transports used in the finale were amazing.


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Based on the MH-60 Blackhawk, they were given tilt-jets which were independently articulated, to give control through all flight regimes. I used the Academy kit, and scratchbuilt the jets. The stubwings and other parts came from the spares box, with Galactica-based decals from the Moebius Viper2 kit for national insignia.

The Unit, being from Caprica City, naturally pulls for the Buccaneers, the Pyramid team.



Photos and text by "Harv"