Scratchbuilt Newfie Mutant

Gallery Article by Harv on Feb 4 2010


Yeah, I know. What is a stoopid TRAIN doing here... Well, I put a butt-load of sweat and swearing into putting together a unique piece of Newfoundland Railway history, so I thought I'd show it off!

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It's HO scale. Makes it fit with the other trains my buddy has. He asked me to try hacking up a few trains to make the NF-110 Mutant, and being the total train nut he is, I knew I was in deep! I decided to completely do it from the rails up, using just the wheels from a donor train, plus lots of styrene and balsa, with resin-cast details. The windows are thin Lexan- try busting them ya little beggars!

Anyhoo, my pal was tickled with the result. Hope you are too!


Photos and text by Harv