Monster Jam Black Stallion P-51 Mustang

Gallery Article by Harv on June 25 2014


Sometimes the creative juices get flowing. I had this Testors 1/48 Mustang sitting on my shelf. Not a bad kit but not a good one either. Then it hit me...


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A few years back I took a Mustang and did it in the markings of my buddy's truck. At the time I resorted to templating and hand painting the markings. It looked OK... Well, I've been playing with this newfangled cornpooter thingy, and with a bit of help I pasted together a sheet worth of decals to print and apply. I even named myself as crew chief. ;)

I built the kit as is, and painted with Tamiya paints. One the decals were on and blended I added several coats of Future. The Monster Jam event happens this weekend, and I hope to give the model to Mike Vaters, owner of the actual truck.



Photos and text by Harv