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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Matchbox Canberra PR9 by Bill Clark

1/48 Collect Aire B-57G Canberra  by Eli Raphael of Zotz Decals

1/48 Aeroclub Canberra B(I).Mk 6.  by Ted Taylor

1/48 Falcon Vac-form Canberra T17A by Darius Aibara

1/48 Aeroclub Canberra B(I)6 converted into an E15  by Bill Clark

1/48 Aeroclub Canberra by Darius Aibara

1/48 Aeroclub Canberra  by Ron Dobrzelecki

1/48 Aeroclub EE Canberra B2  by Graham Tarran

1/72 Airfix Canberra TT18 Target Tug  by Stuart Porteous

1/72 High Planes RB-57D Canberra  by Granger Hsu

1/72 Testors/Italeri B-57B Canberra  by Dennis Cermak

1/72 Italeri B-57B Canberra  by Richard Bullock

1/72 VNAF B-57 by Tien Pham GUC75

1/48 Classic Airframe B-57B by Mahlon L Smith

Canberra Farewell  by Polly Singh

1/48 Classic Airframes B-57 by Greg Long

1/48 Classic Airframes Canberra B.2 by Mike Regan

1/48 Airfix Canberra B (I) Mk 8  by PJ from Brazil

1/48 Sanger RB-47H  by Kevin B. Rigby

1/48 Airfix EE Canberra  by Leslie Choy

1/72 Italeri B-57B Canberra  by Ed Ellickson

1/72 Matchbox BAC Canberra PR.9 by Rodrigo Rejas

1/48 Airfix DAP Canberra b20 by Phil Mead

1/48 Airfix Canberra B(I).Mk.12 by Malcolm Reid

1/72 Airfix Canberra B.(I).6 by Gavin Parnaby

ANZAC Day by Phil Mead

1/48 Airfix Canberra by Mark Doherty

1/48 Airfix Canberra B(I)8 by Axel Grundmann

1/72 Italeri B-57G by Gavin Parnaby

1/48 Airfix GAF Canberra Mk.20 by Aaron

1/48 Airfix EE Canberra B(I)58 by Murli Rajan

1/48 Airfix Martin B-57G Canberra "Night Intruder" by Philipp

1/72 Airfix Canberra B(I).58 by Felix Troschier

1/48 Airfix RB-57E Camberra by Busolini Massimo

1/72 HPM English Electric Canberra TT.418 by Ratish Nair

1/72 Airfix Canberra B(I)12 by Dirk Schenk

1/72 Frog Canberra T Mk.4 by Dirk Schenk

1/72 Italeri B-57 B Canberra by Waldemar Pupar

1/72 Italeri B-57 G Canberra by Waldemar Pupar

1/72 Frog Canberra T.17 by Carmel J. Attard

1/72 Airmodel vac form RB-57F by Carmel J. Attard

Cuban Missile Crisis: the Jamaican Response, part 1 by Dave Bailey

1/48 Airfix Canberra B.20 by John Shum

1/48 Airfix Canberra B (I) Mk.88 Venezuela Air Force by RSK48, Rafae

1/72 Italeri B-57G Canberra "tropic moon" by Massimo Tebaldi

1/48 Airfix Canberra PR.Mk83 by RSK48, Rafael

1/72 Italeri EB-57B Canberra Vermont ANG part 9 by Andrew Desautels (a.k.a. "Andrew D. the Jolly Rogers guy") 

1/72 Frog English Electric Canberra B(1) by Murli Rajan

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