1/72 Matchbox BAC Canberra PR.9 Chile 1983

Gallery Article by Rodrigo Rejas - BlackLight on Mar 21 2010

  Chilean Air Force Anniversary Day 2010 


These singular aircraft came to Chile in early 1983 from the UK and have operated from Cerrillos, Santiago and Punta Arenas (south of the country) in high altitude recce/photograf missions. The colour scheme, optical and electronic warfare were under RAF's standards at that times.

Three of them coded 341,342 and 343 where flying until their retirement in 1995 where only 343 where still in operation conditions. She lies now at the Air National Museum in Santiago and in this days she's undergoing restoration.

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This kit is the old fashioned Matchbox of the 70's but this very kit has been upgraded with several recessed panel details. So The final results are much more accurate than the standard Matchbox kit.

Several details and modifications have to be made in order to obtain a Chilean version during it's first operational year, such as many antennas (VHF, VOR), air ducts, radio altimeter antenna, fairings (ECM/RWR), wheels bays and camera transparencies. Some material used in this job are putty, plasticard, nylon, kristal klear and wood sticks.

The colour scheme is the tipical RAF style: dark green and dark grey upper surface and light grey downside. For the paintings I used Model Master enamels and my airbrush.

The decals came from the Model Decal set, national insignia sets and some home made stencils using the Testor's kit.

For the finishing job I used black oil washes and chalk pastels. Then a satin coat of Testor spray varnish sealed the work.

I hope you enjoy the work and this day is our Air Force -FACh- birthday Nș80 ;)  So happy birthday to them!!

For more information about my model please visit: http://www.solomaquetas.com/board/index.php?showtopic=3242

Regards from Chile,

Rodrigo Rejas

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