1/72 Revell Canberra

Indian Canberra Farewell

by Polly Singh


Indian Airforce Canberra retirement May 11 2007


The Indian Air Force received 65 English Electric Canberra B(I)58 aircraft, 8 PR.57 aircraft and 7 T.4 aircraft in Apr 57 (what was ultimately to become over 150 ac by 1975) helping to raise No 106 strategic recconnaissance sqn.  On 11 May 07 the same sqn celebrates it golden jubilee and stands the Canberra down after exactly 50 years.  From Straffing Katangan Magisters in Congo to interdicting Pakistani airfields, railway yards and armour concentrations during the indo-pak wars of 1965 and 71. 

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From collecting high altitude air samples to measuring Chinese atomic activity, to standing-by to take on the US 7th fleet threatning India's east coast during the '71 war and finally surviving a Mujhahideen Stinger hit at 18,000ft, the IAF Canberra has seen the entire spectrum of world conflict and come out on top. On 11th May 07 the IAF will say goodbye to a trusted friend when 106 sqn, 'The Himalayan Lynxes' close the hatch on the last TT, PR and T4s.  They will remember all the crews lost to enemy AAA and interceptors and rejoice the success of the most dangerous missions flown in the face of the strongest opposition- Sabres, Mig 19s, Mirage IIIs and Starfighters.

This is the very old Revell 1/72 kit built as a B(I)  58 with Bright Spark decals in the markings of the 'Tuskers'. Needed a ton of lead in the nose. Hope you like it


Photos and text by Polly Singh