1/48 Airfix EE Canberra B(I)58

Gallery Article by Murli Rajan on Feb 24 2012



English Electric Canberra was the back bone for bombing and photo reconnaissance. The Canberra first saw service in the UN operation of liberation of the Republic of Katanga, 1971 Indo-Pak war and Finally Kargil War were it took a hit from a Stinger Missile but still made it home.  Having served the Indian Air Force for more than 50 years its was retired on May 11 2007


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The Airfix Kit was a gem to work with, fit was perfect needing minimum of putty and sanding.  Though the cockpit fit was a little bit of a fight and I had to add enough lead weight to sink the Titanic.  Other wise it was a breeze to put together.  I used Humbrol Enamels to paint, added a coat of Future and washed the panel lines with pastel chalk. Decals are from brightspark. 

Overall a great build.

Enjoy the photos.

Murli Rajan


Photos and text by Murli Rajan