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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

      Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/24 PanzerPorschen 928 by Alvis 3.1

NESA Planes by Kees Kuyper

NESA Rotorcapsule by Kees Kuyper

NESA Space Station by Kees Kuyper

1/25 Schwalben Schlepper by Philip Stelzer

Moon by Kees Kuyper

NESA on the Moon by Kees Kuyper 

NESA Airbus by Kees Kuyper

1/144 DML SR-71 by Ken Johnson and Mike Starling

NESA Snail Marsrover by Kees Kuyper

NESA Headquarters by Kees Kuyper

Hasegawa Eggplane F/A-18 Hornet by Malte "Razor" D.

NESA Neil Armstrong Monument by Kees Kuyper

1/72 Northrop Grumman MQ-8B Fire Scout, Attack Squadron by Piotr Dmitruk

P-51 Aggressor by Rob Haelterman

F-16 Skygod by Kees Kuyper

VF-1A Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

The Final Countdown in 3D by Konley Kelley

Boeing Brotheljet by Kees Kuyper

Royal Canadian Air Force CF-117 Phantom by Mike Murphy

F-22 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

Virtual Landscaping by Konley Kelley

1/48 JASDF F-22 by Hal Elsberry

Dirk Pitt's means of escape by George On

The Hunter Egg Hatched by George (Chorse6)

The Goon and T/Sgt. Arthur Benko B-24D Liberator and Zero 3D model by Konley Kelley

Like Father Hunter, Like Son by George (Chorse6)

Phil the Phabulous Phantom Phlyer by Hal Elsberry

1/32 Jet Corsair by Hal Elsberry

Operation Petticoat by Konley Kelley

RWD Rekord Racer by Borg R3-MC0

Greek F-4 Egg Plane by Hal Elsberry

1/144 Amodel XC-8A by Harv

1/48 Revell/Mauve Lippisch P.13a by Borg R3-MC0

  1/25 Hudson Hornet My Way by Tory Mucaro

SAAF Egg Planes by Neil Commerford

Heinkel He 111 V 8 by Fred Amos

Submarine under water by George Oh

NESA Gemini- Proton- 6 capsule by Kees Kuyper

Monthy Python Trojan Rabbit by Bill Michaels

1/72 Ex-USAF Reaper drone by Kees Kuyper

NESA lunar vehicle by Kees Kuyper

Asteroid by Kees Kuyper

Lockheed T-30 by Kees Kuyper

1/72 X51-T Alphabrid by Narin

Lockheed Superstarfighter by Kees Kuyper

1/28 Revell 1917 Spad XIII Biplane - Snoopy's other plane by Mark Maerz

Fairey Fantasy by Kees Kuyper

NESA on Mars by Kees Kuyper

1/72 Airfix Spitfire Turret fighter by Ole A. Hoel

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