NESA Rotorcapsule

Gallery Article by Kees Kuyper on Apr 9 2012



The photo's show the Proton 4 rotorspacecraft of NESA, the NEtherlands Space Agency.  After reentry the rotorblades are released by explosive bolts (not too explosive) and staart windmilling to the automated autogyration landing.

Proton 1,2and 3 used Rolls Royce liftfans which can lift 18,5 times their own weight.  When you want more conventional rotors you need Proton 5 but then the docking port must be replaced.

Proton 6 (Pro Roton) uses the Roton Rocket system (see You Tube Roton Rocket).  According to the internet electric energy can be gained from the reentry plasma by MHD and a superconducting magnet, which can also be used for some control, some braking and keeping the hot plasma away from the spacecraft and is an electricity storage in itself (Proton 7).

LIRPS: the Laser Ionised Rotor Propulsion System will be used for the rotors made from Nanolar Future capsules will look more and more like Ufo's .


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Proton 4 looks much like the Apollo capsule because it was made from Revells 1:32
Apollo and Service Module kit.  Future spacecapsules will of course be coated with a Humbrol Spaceyellow coating.

Some of the pictures were made in the neighbourhood of the N ESA facilities in the Netherlands just to make them a bit jealous because they don't have a rotorcapsule or even a manned capsule at all.

Greetings from NESA

Kees Kuyper


Photos and text by Kees Kuyper