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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Revell's Boeing 737 by Drewe Manton

Minicraft's 1/144 757 'BritishAirways' by Drewe Manton

Welsh Models 1/144 747SP by  Bob Leonard

1/200 Hasegawa  A300 airliner with Liveries Unlimited decals by Ted Johnston

1/200th Hasegawa  Boeing 737 by Ted Johnston

1/144 Minicraft Boeing 737-300 by Gordon Kwan

1/144 Minicraft Boeing 737-400 by Andrew (AJ) Forster

1/144 Revell Germany LTU Airbus A330-300Thai Airways Airbus A330 by Ted Johnston

1/144 Revell Airbus A330-200 by Ted Johnston 

1/200 Hasegawa  Boeing 747 Reso'cha version (purple) JAL Resho'cha Express Model  by Ted Johnston 

1/200 Hasegawa L-1011   Caledonian Airways by Ted Johnston

1/200 Hasegawa Canadian Airlines DC 10  by Ted Johnston 

Boeing 2707 SST Models by Richard Seeley

1/144 R-G 737-800 LMB 797 – the world’s first single engine jetliner by Justin Davenport 

1/200 Hasegawa Boeing Jumbo Jets by Eric Bade

1/200 Hasegawa Mac Donnell Douglas TRIJETS by Eric Bade 

1/144 Revell Airbus A340 by Ted Johnston

1/72 Scratchbuilt Ilyushin IL-96-300 by Efrain Hernandez

1/144 Revell Airbus 321 "Famous faces" by Wayne Drinkwater

1/200 Hasegawa B767-300 All Nippon Airways “Universal Studios” by Eric Phan

1/144 Airfix Boeing 747 by Shaun Lazzari

1/144 Airfix Airbus A300B4-TAA by Ray Seppala

1/144 Minicraft B737-400 US Airways by Ray Seppala

1/144 Revell KLM Boeing 737-800 "Zwaan" by Dmitriy A. Shapiro

1/100 Nitto Boeing 707 of 33SQN RAAF by Ray Seppala

1/144 Minicraft MD-80 by Todd Wheaton 

1/144 Revell BAE 146 (TNT)  by Wayne Drinkwater

1/72 Mach-2 Falcon 20 by Geoff McDonell

1/144 Revell "Aer Lingus" A330-300 by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Minicraft Boeing B777-200 Australian Air Force by Ray Seppala

1/144 Revell Boeing 747-400 by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Revell Avro Rj-85 "Crossair" by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Revell Germany Qatar Airways Airbus A380 by Ted Johnston

1/144 Revell Airbus A330-300 by Dave Steele

1/144 Airfix VC-10 by Bob Leonard

1/200 Hasegawa Lockheed L-1011 Tristar kits by Dave Michener Jr

1/200 Hasegawa Air Namibia 747SP  by Ted Johnston

1/72 Liberty Kits Hawker Siddeley HS-125 - 400 by Marcius Cesar Costa

1/144 Minicraft TWA Boeing 757-2Q8  by Dmitriy Shapiro

1/144 Minicraft Boeing 757-200 America West 'Ohio' by Ray Seppala

1/200 TOMY ANA "Pokemon Jet" Boeing 767-300 by Hong Bo Jin

1/144 Revell RAAF B737 BBJ Conversion by Ray Seppala

1/144 Revell Airbus A321  by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Revell A330 and RJ-85  by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Revell Boeing 747-400 by Ýzzet Celikoba

1/72 Heller RAAF VIP Boeing BBJ 737 by Fred Harris

1/200 Hasegawa A320 by CL Kwek

1/144 Minicraft Alaska Airlines B737-400 Disneyland Scheme  by Erkin Bora

1/144 Revell "KLM" Boeing 737-800 by Haik Martirossian

1/144 Revell A340-300 Turkish Airlines  by Erkin Bora

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