1/200 Hasegawa A300 Airliner

Garuda Indonesia A300 

by Ted Johnston

Photos  by Steve Bamford  



The Kit is an old Hasegawa kit the was boxed with Ward Air markings by Shaben International out of Edmonton, I purchased it in Port Hardy, Canada for $8 Canadian which was a real score. There we no problems to speak of with the assembly with just a little bit of sanding and filling required.

The fuselage was painted using Gunze Sangyo Paints, H1 Gloss White and H328 FS 15050 (Blue Angel Blue), the wings were painted with various gray and silver enamels (whatever looked right!). 

I chose to paint over the windscreen as a decals are supplied for it and windsheild wipers. Decals are also supplied for the windows which are molded as holes in the fuselage, I prefer to not use decals in this case and I find that I get a good effect by painting the inside of the fuselage Gloss Black.

The decals are Liveries Unlimited Sheet A2-077 Garuda Indonesia A300s and Liveries Unlimited AGAX-001 Engine Manufacturer Logos. 

I was apprehensive about the Bird Logo as it was going over the Dark Blue Tail and I thought the Blue would show through, but this was unfounded as once I placed the decal I could see that it was underprinted in white. Extra code letters are supplied to allow you to do and one of Garuda Indonesia's A300s.

The runway base was quickly done up in about an hour, an Airline Pilot friend pointed out the error in my ways as far as runway numbering goes, oh well I will get it right next time! I find these days that models don't look right unless they are posed on a base of some sort, it seems that this is the norm these days.

I enjoyed building this kit very much, it took about two years to get around to finishing it as it sat waiting for me to find an attractive set of aftermarket decals for it, necessitated by the fact that  I borrowed the Blue Stripes from the kit markings for another project. I was very pleased with the Liveries Unlimited decals and rumour has it that a set for a Garuda A330 are coming out in 1/144th scale which will be on my wish list for future projects.


Photos and text by Ted Johnston