1/144 Revell A340 Airbus A330-200

Gallery Article by Ted Johnston


This model started out as an Air Canada A340 and was converted to an A330-200 by shortening the fuselage by approx. 30mm, omitting the centre main landing gear and using Braz Models Rolls Royce Trent engines to convert it to and A330. It was also shortened by 30 mm to make it from a 300 series to a 200 series. 


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There were a number of different airlines to choose from as far as paint schemes go but what did it in the end was that Jeff likes printing Gold things with his Alps Printer and the Gold Gulf Air Logo was too much for him to pass up!  The decals Jeff made are very similar to the Liveries Unlimited Sheet. Jeff made new logos with the correct colours and added the 50th Anniversary Logo.  

Gulf Air has 5 A330's with registration codes A40-KA to A40-KE, KA to KD carried the 50th Anniversary Logo on it so I chose KD......what else? It's an attractive colour scheme, not overdone but with enough colour to make it quite interesting.

Thanks goes out to Jeff Dick for printing the decals and to Ken Steacy & Steve Bamford for taking the photos.

Ted Johnston


Photos and text by Ted Johnston