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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Model Cellar Productions' "Manfred von Richthofen" The Red Baron by Richard Watts

Tamiya 1/16th WWII German Luftwaffe Ace Pilot by Grant McIntosh

Verlinden resin "Top Gun"  pilot-bust by Jörgen Toll

"Vampirella" by Iwan Winarta

Heller Homer Simpson by Gerd Kuijpers

Marvin the Martian  by Gerald Richter

My Models For Silly Week 2004 by Jonathan Williams

Military Figurines  by Pete Wenman

Some Dinosaurs by Rodney Williams

Martin the Moterhead Clown by Fernando Torre

Goodbye Christmas by Hywel Morse

1/32 Alien by Martin Glogar

1/12 ED-209 (from the movie Robocop) by Andrew Lang

1/16 Tamiya German machine gunner by Hal Marshman, Sr.

120mm Verlinden Productions Bandit 2 O'Clock B-17 Gunner  by Douglas K. L. Chan 

1/4 Verliden USN pilot's bust Converted to Lebanon Air Force pilot  by Emad F.Tabsh

The Black Dragon  by Iwan Winarta

Germans on the move diorama by Andy Gudbergsson

German soldiers at the Russian front by Andy Gudbergsson

1/35 Still Art by Zdenko

120mm Reheat  F-86 Pilot  by Nissim Tzukduian

1/5 Verlinden Figure Master of the Sky   “Sea Eagle” by Bobby McElroy

Pilot Figures  by Girolamo Lorusso

1/200 Bandai Macross Officers Pod by Michael “Madmike” Johnson

A real Flying Tiger from Historex!  by Jean Barbaud

Bandits ! 2 o'clock high! Verlinden Productions 120mm  by Loïc Lemarchand

1/8 Rey Ayanami Resin Kit  by Leonardo Novelli Krause

Screamin' Freddy Krueger  by William G

Santa Gundam Christmas 2005  by Alvis 3.1

A Gnome with a shovel 1/3  by Carl Gootzen

1/6 Solarwind Lyra Bust  by Bryan Tighe

Battle War Mech Bot  by Charles P. Kalina

These are a few of my favorite things  by Mark Jahsan

1/1 Neil Armstrong by Scaledown

1/48 Hyper Z Gundam resin kit by Hellobi

1/16 Tamiya Luftwaffe fighter crew and Cottage resin RAF 1940 fighter crew  by Polly Singh

10mm Fenryll - Fighting Dragon  by Christian Curec - aka Chris Cat

Bathing Gnome, scale 1/? by Carl Gootzen

Perhaps someday, but not today! by David Campbell

1/6 (?) scale S.A.F.S girl  by David Campbell

1/72 US Navy Carrier Flight Deck & Tractor & Crew  by Jack-Pilot

1/100 Bandai Tactical Pod Glaug  by Tom Di Maggio

34 mm Grey Knight  by Christian Curec

Jurassic DJ by Alvis 3.1

Magic of the Orb  by Lorraine Johnson (Mrs Madmike)

The Eagle Has Landed  by David Campbell

1/48 Zero pilot and bicycle by Yasushi Saito

Three Fighting Men  by Joseph R. Dias

1/35 German African and Eastern Campaign Diorama  by David & Alexander Murphy

Aircrew display  by Andrew

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