Heller Homer Simpson

Gallery Article by Gerd Kuijpers


I always loved the Simpsons, I follow them on the BBC because they donít appear on television much in the Netherlands. It is the only television series that is made by Americans criticising the American lifestyle.    


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About half a year ago I picked up this little guy at my local hobby shop, the box was damaged, so I only had to pay 2.50 euro for it, $ 2.50. I normally built aircraft models, so this was very easy, you donít have to worry about panel lines, flash and masking. It is just gluing the two halves of the body together, the same with the head, beer and arms. The donut, shoes, eyes and hair (only three hairs, but Homer calls it his hair) exist from one piece.  

Then you need a lot of putty for the huge gaps, after that sanding, painting and assembling.

Gerd Kuijpers


Photos and text © by Gerd Kuijpers