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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier by Percy Olson

1/72 Matchbox Harrier by  Neil Medcalf

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier II by Kelly Quirk

1/48 Tamyia Sea Harrier FRS.1 by Everett McEwan

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier Tiger scheme by Thang Le

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier by Osni Vieira Junior

1/72 Esci Sea Harrier FRS.1 by Joe Hegedus

1/72 Airfix Gr7 that he converted to a USMC AV-8B by José Teixidó

1/72 Esci Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR1 of the RAF by Bill Clark 

1/72 Esci Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR1a by Bill Clark

1/72 Esci BAe Harrier GR3 by Bill Clark 

1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR5 by Bill Clark

1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR7 by Bill Clark

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier by Bob Spotz

1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA2 by Bill Clark

1/48 Tamiya Harrier  by Andrie J. Seno

1/48 Airfix Harrier GR3 converted into a Harrier T4N by Bill Clark

1/48 Monogram AV8B Harrier by Jeff Brundt

1/72 Revell BAe Harrier Gr.7 and 1/72 Italeri Sepecat Jaguar Gr.1  RAF Display Aircraft by Daniel Butcher

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier  by Kaan Gök

1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier by Ping Lee

1/24 Airfix BAe Sea Harrier FRS-1 by Richard Baines

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier II by Said OrdazMoreno

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier by Leander Niederhauser

1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FA2 converted into a Sea Harrier FRS1 (SHAR1)  by Bill Clark

1/72  Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II VMA-223  by Joshua Stockdale

1/72 Revell BAe Harrier GR7 by Shaun Bowman-Davies

1/48 Tamiya Sea Harrier FRS1  by Darius Aibara 

1/48 Tamiya Sea Harrier (SHAR) by Shekar K Rao

1/48 Monogram AV-8A Harrier  by Hank Gruben

1/72 ESCI Hawker Siddley AV-8A Harrier  by Edward A. Fuquay

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B plus Harrier II by Jan Hermoch 

1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus by MaRiO FeRNaNDeZ

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier II by George Rosa

1/72 "Airfix" Harrier T-10  by Kairasp Daruwala

1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR.7 by Somchai "Blackeyes"

1/48 Monogram "AV-8B" by Kairasp Daruwala

1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier FRS Mk1 by Kairasp Daruwala

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II by Graham Symmonds

1/48 Airfix Sea Harrier "FA2" by Kairasp Daruwala

1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B by Arrin Holt

1/48 Monogram AV-8B by Don "Spongebob" Manning

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Plus Harrier  by Everett McEwan

1/72 Italeri Harrier GR. 7 in NATO Exercise by QC Tan

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II by Marv Mays

1/48 Hasegawa Harrier Gr7 by Paolo Yuen  

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier II+ (Part 1)  by Craig Sargent

1/48 Monogram AV-8B Harrier II+ (Part 2)  by Craig Sargent 

1/48 Monogram AV-8B  by Max Tollens Jr.

1/72 Hasegawa AV-8B Night Attack Harrier by PS

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