1/72 Hasegawa Harrier GR7

Gallery Article by Bill Clark


McDD/BAe Harrier GR7 ZD404/"33". RAF No 20(res) Sqn/HOCU. RAF Wittering 1999

Once again the Hasegawa kit - this time though the standard AV8B with nose (not 100% sure about that nose though!!)and additional pylons from an old Airfix kit (I couldn't wait for Hasegawa's GR7!!). I copped out of using any underwing stores, preferring to depict an OCU a/c., with strakes instead of cannons. All very prototypical!

Painted in the current standard Dark Sea Grey/Dark Camouflage Grey scheme, with decals from Xtradecal."

Thoroughly enjoyable!!!


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This ends my small "tribute" to the Harrier, although I will be posting one on the Sea Harrier (also in 1/72nd) and some of my 1/48th Harriers/Sea Harriers as well. You lucky lot!!!! 

(I still have some way to go in my Pegasus engine collection................ :-)

The last photo depicts three generations of Harrier - the GR3, GR5, & GR7.

Bill Clark


Photos and text by Bill Clark