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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Academy T-6 Texan by Nick Kiriokos

Variety of RCAF and CAF Planes by Derek Heyes

Collection of  1/48 Monogram Harvards by Barney Dunlevy

South African Airforce Harvards made from 1/48 Monogram T6 Texan kit by Sinuhe Hahn

1/48 Universal AT-6C Texan by Tadeu Mendes

1/72 Academy T-6G Texan by Giovanni Chirico

1/72 Academy Harvard Mk. III by Andy Bannister

1/48 Ocidental Replicas T-6 by José Brito

Israeli Aircraft by Yoav Efrati

1/48 Ocidental T-6G  by Maurizio Bressan

1/48 Revell SNJ-3 by Robert-Jan Willekens

1/72 Academy T-6 Harvard "50 Anos F.A.P." by Fernando Dias

1/48 Monogram VNAF T-6 Texan by Timothy Pham


1/72 Lodela AT-6 by Victor Gutierrez

1/72 Academy T-6G  by Tai Pham

1/48 Occidental Harvard by Espen Eriksen

1/48 Modelcraft/Belcher Bits SNJ-2 Texan  by Ryan Ahern

1/48 Occidental Harvard  by Shawn Phantom Weiler

1/48 Monogram At-6 Texan  by Pablo Girgulsky

1/72 Academy T-6 Texan  by Jerry Hawhee (Old Blind Dog)

1/72 Philippine Air Force Prop Kits by Glenn (wingnut) Bontigao

1/72 Heller-Lodela T6G Texan  by Fernando I. Moreno Villa

1/48 Monogram AT-6 Harvard by Michiel Besier

1/72 Academy T-6 by Guilherme Kosciuv (guick)

1/48 Revell North American T-6G Texan  by Denis Coudert

Israel's 59th Independance Day by Yoav Efrati

1/72 At-6 Texan by Jeremias Luchina

1/72 Academy Texan SNJ by Héctor Fabian Vidales (Pinino13)

1/48 Monogram AT-6  by Ricardo Castellanos

1/72 Airfix Sk 14 by Björn Bäcklund

1/48 Heller T-6 D/G Texan  by ARIFDHANI

1/48 Monogram T-6 Texan  by Serge Dompierre

1/48 AT-6C Tuskegee Double Vee  by David Waples

1/48 Revell T-6 Texan  by Pablo Magdalena

1/72 Academy SNJ Texan  by Héctor Fabian Vidales

1/48 Italeri North American T-6G Texan by Istvan Zoldag

1/48 Monogram AT-6 Texan by Konley Kelley

1/48 Revell SNJ by Brent Leidig

1/72 Academy Hobby T-6G by Majd Abbar

1/48 Monogram SNJ (AT-6) by Joe Nassi

1/72 Academy T-6 G Texan by Gokhan Eren

1/48 Italeri Harvard by Brian "Mr B" Param

1/48 Monogram SNJ-5 by Jorge Bonilla Alvarado 

1/48 Italeri Harvard/Texan by Kees Kuijper

1/72 Academy Texan by Ayhan Toplu

1/72 Academy Texan by Ayhan Toplu

1/72 Academy T-6G Texan by Franz Galli

1/48 Italeri T-6G Texan by Johannes Raber

1/48 Italeri T-6G Texan by Artur Oslizlo

1/48 Monogram AT-6 Harvard & Aeroclub De Havilland Chipmunk by David C S Teo

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