1/144 Minicraft F-104G Starfighter

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Sept 9 2020



Here is my Starfighter from the Norwegian Air Force in 1/144 painted with the Liquid Chrome from Molotow®: 

The kit from Academy is the same like the old kit from which I made my Starfighters of the US Navy and the "Rosso Ferrari": 

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Like on my other two Starfighters, I added some details. 

I painted the model with a brush. Before painting the Liquid Chrome, I painted the fuselage in shiny black (Revell, enamel). The Liquid Chrome covers very well. It takes about 2 days until it to dry. On a plastic sheet I made some attempts, before painting my model. After the Liquid Chrome has dried, I painted different clear varnishes over it, but the surfaces got more or less flat. So no clear varnish can cover the whole model. It´s no problem to overpaint the Liquid Chrome with enamels. 

Unfortunately the roundels on the decal sheet were not correct, so I had to print my own ones. 

I sealed the areas which were painted with enamels with clear, flat varnish from Humbrol and the rear fuselage with Mr. Metal Primer (shiny, clear varnish). 

I think on small models like this F-104 in 1/144 the Liquid Chrome looks nice. On larger models I would just use it for some panels or smaller details. 

Greetings from Germany 

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt