1/27 Jetman - Yves Rossy

"The coolest way of flying!"

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Jan 28 2020



When I saw the first Jetman-video on Youtube (just search for "Jetman", you´ll find some very exciting movies) years ago, I thought this must be the coolest way of flying, Yves Rossy from Switzerland has found ( https://yvesrossy.com/ ). 

In the end of 2019 I built a model of a Lamborghini Countach LP500S from Tamiya in 1/24 - my fictional "Slayer car". I didn´t use the included driver but it brought me to the idea to make the Jetman out of it. 

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The only dimension I had for the wing was the wingspan (2,4m). So I had to take photographies from the internet to make my own views. For 1/24 the figure is too small I measured out. To make the wing matching to the figure it´s sized down to 1/27. 

First I modified the figure to get the right posture. For the belts, I heated thin plastic material and deep-drew it over the figures body. So I could cut it off in the right thickness and had a matching shape to glue it on the surface of the body. 

After that I added all the little details out of stretched sprue. 

The parachute was made out of a plastic block. I made the structures with a small milling cutter and a small grinder. I covered it a few times with acetone, so thr hard edges disappeared. 

The wing was made out of a massive polystyrene plate (thickness 5 mm). The vertical stabilizers were cut out of 0,5 mm thick plastic sheet. 
The engines I made from external fuel tanks and Sidewinder missiles I had left from some F-104 kits in 1/72. 

I painted the model with colors from Humbrol and Revell with brush. First I painted some areas yellow on the wing, after attaching the decals (most in two layers) I painted black around them. 

I printed the decals on white and transparent foil. It took some time to find all the logos and adapt them. JetCat (manufacturer of the jet engines - https://www.jetcat.de/en ) supported me and sent me the graphic files for the special Jetman-logos. Thanks a lot! 

After the last decals were attached, I sprayed clear, flat varnish over the figure and clear, shiny varnish over the wing. The helmet was finally brushed with clear, shiny varnish. 

The display is made out of acrylic glass and glued with Acrifix ®. 

This was a challenging and exciting model project that brought s.th. totally different into my collection. 

Greetings from Germany! 

Thomas Brückelt

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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt