1/72 Revell T-6 G Texan

Gallery Article by Sunel Tan on Sept 6 2018



OBB build of the Revell Texan, I believe this is a rebox of the old Heller kit and has raised panel lines. I did not bother to sand the raised panel lines as it was too much work, the only thing I added was the pitot tube which was made from a hypodermic needle. Decals are from Blue Daimond Decals based in the UK which specialises in Philippine Military subjects. Painted with Aluminum with a base of Jet Black using SMS Paints which are manufactured in Australia. Slight weathering with panel liners, oil paint and highly diluted Tamiya smoke which was sprayed on some panels.

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This particular aircraft "Mercia Mia" was the personal training aircraft of General Ting Aquino of the Philippine Airforce.

Overall it was a fun build and at times challenging as I wanted a good looking NMF.

Sunel Tan

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Photos and text by Sunel Tan