1/144 Revell A400M

Gallery Article by Mehmet Tarık Soylu on May 19 2017

  Turkish National Youth and Sport Day 



Hello All! This is my 1:144 Revell A400M.  Well, as you know, Revell's 1:144th scale A400M is a release with crispy mouldings. I enjoyed every step of it. Naturally A400M attracted me more than other cargo planes , cos it was built by a consortium including Turkey. Turkish Air Forces got its first A400M in 2015, and supposed to get 10 of these heavy birds.

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As aftermarket I used nicely printed Babibi decals which offers Turkish, Malaysian, German, French and Royal Airforces.  The profile that I have chosen was 13-009 that belongs to Turkish Air forces which is also called as 'Koca Yusuf' unofficially. Koca Yusuf was a world-wide famous wrestler who died in 1898 in a naval accident. When was sailing from USA back to Turkey.

Overall, I am not a 1:144 scale guy but I can say I didn't face any trouble with building the plane as closed but I don't know what happens if other modellers try it with opened rear hatch.

Anyway, I am happy with result, I hope you like it too. Hope to meet you on another contribution! Cheers from Turkey!

Mehmet Tarık Soylu

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Photos and text by Mehmet Tarık Soylu