1/72 Matchbox Hawker 850 XP

Gallery Article by Kurt Warren on Jan 30 2017



This is my 1/72 Matchbox Hawker 600 which I converted to the 850XP. The kit had been in my stash for years. I knew I wanted a 700 or 800 version of the jet but I felt I didn't have the skills to scratch build the necessary parts until recently. I stumbled upon the 1/72 Amodels Piaggio Avanti P-180 which I've been wanting for quite a while. After purchasing that kit I decided it was time to build both of them together. I could not find very good scale drawings to work from to make the correct changes so I used the ol' looks about right method. 

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The needed changes to make this the 850 were as follows: 

  • 1. The flight deck and cabin need to be scratch built.

  • 2. A complete vacuum formed windscreen 

  • 3. The cord to the vertical tail needed to be increased 3mm

  • 4 . The belly at the tail needed reshaping & existing fin removed

  • 5. Completely new engines from scratch.

  • 6. Wings extended and winglets added.

  • 7. Decals designed and printed on laser printer paper.

I decided to paint this as if I were a bazillion air and it were my personal jet. I didn't like the actual Hawker hawk head so I revised that to suit my liking. I included a photo of the jet I based my paint scheme on. She turned out pretty well & I'm quite happy with it. 

I hope this build inspires more people to add exec jets to your collection. I had great fun with it.

Hope you enjoy the jet & thanks, 

Kurt Warren

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Photos and text by Kurt Warren