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       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

Hasegawa's Zero A6M2 Model 21By Nick Kiriokos

1/48 Hasegawa Zero A6M2 Model 21By Nick Kiriokos

1/48 Hasegawa  A6M-3 Zero type 22 by Terry Sumner

1/48 WWII Japanese Aircraft Gallery by Tony Tremblay

1/48 Tamiya  Mitsubishi A6M3 ZERO (Hamp) by Greg Wise

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M5 Type 52 Zero by Mark Beckwith

Two Pearl Harbor Japanese Zeros for a Theatre Ceiling Display by Scott Ringrose

1/32 Tamiya Zero A6M5 Type 52 by Robert Ferrero

1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Type 21 by  Thang Le

1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Model 52 "Zeke" by Rob Melehan

1/48 Hasegawa Mitsubishi A6M2b Type 21 by Bill Weckel

1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero by Tim Clark

1/48 Hasegawa A6M3 "Hamp" by Ian Robertson

1/48 Hasegawa Nakajima A6M2-N Type 2 Fighter Seaplane (Rufe)  by Andy Irving 

1/48 Hasegawa Zero A6M3  Nishizawa’s Zero A6M3 by Michal Sekula

1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero Fighter by Rick Bellanger

1/72 Academy Zero by Jahja Juwana

1/48 Hasegawa AM6 “ZERO” TYPE 22 by Edward Fuquay

1/32 Tamiya Zero with Sound Action by Bill Bunting

1/24 Ban Dai A6M5c by Bobby McElroy

1/32 Tamiya Zero A6M5 by José Luis Martínez

1/48 Hasegawa Zero by Tom Baldwin

1/32 Tamiya A6M5c by Bobby McElroy

1/32 Tamiya Zero A6M5 by Pete Hudson

1/72 Hasegawa A6M5 Zero Type 52 by Fernando Azurdia

1/72 Hasegawa  Mitsubishi  Zero Type 32 by Gianni Chirico

1/48 Fujimi A6M3 Zero by Jorge Bonilla Alvarado

1/72 Hasegawa A6M2 Zero by Igor Cernisevski 

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter by Kevin Jongen

1/32 Tamiya A6M5c Zero by Serdar Aytemiz

1/48 Hasegawa A6M3 Zero Type22 by Yufei Mao

1/48 Tamiya A6M5c Zero  by Dan Parsons

1/72 Academy A6M5C Zero by Murli Rajan

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M5c (Zeke) by Adam Cobb (Fall Weiss) 

1/48 Hasegawa A6M2b Zero by David Matusek

1/32 Tamiya Zero by Jason Raikes

1/48 Hasegawa "Zero" by Stefan Szymanski

1/48 Hasegawa A6M2 Zero by Darren Colin Goh

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero by Jean-Luc Formery

1/48 Hasegawa A6M5 Zero nightfighter  by Dan Salamone

1/72 Academy A6M5C Zero  by BoyTG

1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero  by Jeff Brundt

1/48 Tamiya A6M2 Zero by Rick Reinbott

1/72 Academy A6M5 Zero by Eugene Trapezontas

1/72 Revell A6M2 Zero  by Goran Kovacic

1/48 Tamiya Mitsubishi A6M5c Zerofighter (Zeke)  by Marat

1/48 Tamiya A6M5c Zero  by Pere Lliteras

1/48 Hasegawa Zero by SpacePirateNeko

1/32 Doyusha Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero  by Steve Negley

1/32 Tamiya A6M5 Zero  by Matt Robeson

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