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Markings on Model

Photo of Model

       Scale, Manufacturer, Model Type and Author 

1/72 Italeri MH-47E SOA Chinook by Albert Moore

1/72 Italeri CH-47D Chinook by Anthony DeTora

1/72 Italeri ACH-47A Chinook by Andrzej Rusek (dzejo)

1/20 scratchbuilt wooden CH-47 by Luciano Tramacere

1/144 Revell Chinook HC.1 RAF by Paolo Yuen

1/72 Italeri MH-47E Chinook by Albert Moore

1/72 Italeri CH-47 Chinook by MR. Apiruk

1/35 Trumpeter Chinook HC.2 by Thomas Neuss

1/35 Trumpeter CH-47A  by Charles Johnson

1/35 Trumpeter Ch-47A Chinook  by Malcolm Reid

1/72 Italeri ACH-47  by Warren Osborne

1/72 Revell Chinook HC3 by Tim Groombridge

1/72 Italeri RAAF CH-47A Chinook  by Phil Adams

Some of VNAF inventory by Tuan Tonthat

1/48 Italeri ACH-47 Chinook Gunship  by Charles Johnson

1/72 Italeri MH-47 Chinook by Maxwinamp

1/35 Trumpeter Iranian CH-47C by Cousin Vinny Ibarra

1/48 Italeri CH47C Chinook by Greg Long

1/48 Italeri CH-147 Chinook by Shawn 'Phantom' Weiler

1/35 Trumpeter Chinook HC.1  by Thomas Neuss

1/72 Italeri VNAF CH-47A Chinook  by Hoa Long

1/35 Trumpeter CH-47D Chinook by Jaroslav Kral

1/48 Revell Chinook HC. MKI by Sertac Bayar

1/48 Italeri HC.1 "WOKKA WOKKA" by Gianni Cassi

1/48 Revell Chinook hc. Mk.1 by Mohammad Adl 

1/48 Italeri CH-147 Chinook "D" by Shawn "phantom" Weiler

1/48 Italeri ACH 47 A Chinook by Jens Gerber

1/72 Airfix Chinook HC. 1 by David Eduardo Canto Herrera

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