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1/48 P-47D Thunderbolt Part 9 decal sheet

Product # 48-049

Product Article by Steve Bamford on Sept 1 2016



This latest release from Lifelike Decals features three different P-47D's with colorful noseart.  This is Part 9 of  a series dealing with the P-47D in US markings from late 1944 until Apr 1945 in the ETO.  You get a total of 5 different markings options on 3 different P-47's including 1 Razorback and 2 Bubbletop Jugs.

The 3 aircraft include some great looking noseart including 2 with sexy noseart, one of which is topless.  The 3 aircraft are:

  • P-47D-15-RE, 42-76179, flown by Lt. Frank Kibbe, 61FS/56FG out of Halesworth/England between January  30 to March 15 1945.

  • P-47D-30-RA, 44-33221, flown by Col. Frank S Perego, CO, 368FG out of Juvincourt or Metz/France or Frankfurt-am-Main/Germany between late 1944 and the Spring of 1945.

  • P-47D-30-RE, 44-20984, flown by Lt. Jack Reams, 347FS/350FG out of Pisa/Italy in April 1945.


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The quality of these decals is of very good quality.  The decals themselves are clearly printed and in perfect register.  I particularly like the quality of the noseart decals.

I love the variety of P-47's and the the selection of artwork and paint schemes. Plus you get 2 planes with sexy noseart including 1 with a topless girl.  Plus you get an aircraft flown by an ace and another that has a huge mission markings tally.  It all adds up to one very interesting decal sheet for anyone with a passion for the tough ol' Thunderbolt.

You can purchase these decals either directly from Lifelike Decals at fax number is +81-3-5680-6733, and e-mail is or from HobbyLink Japan.

I would like to thank Lifelike Decals for providing me with this product sample.

Steve Bamford


Photos and text by Steve Bamford