1/72 Airfix BAe Nimrod

by Ian Foulkes, M.A.



1/72 Airfix BAe Nimrod converted into the 3rd AEW.  Prototype using the Cammet Conversion set.

It is very rarely these days that I get so excited by a kit that I have to make one NOW.  I suppose like most modellers I have the ubiquitous "stash" of projects that "I am going to do this one when I have finished...."  Well this was one of those occasions when "the Muse" touched me.

About the time I managed to lay my hands upon the new Airfix release, I saw on the Cammett website that they had produced the AEW conversion set.  I just had to have it!  As soon as it arrived and I saw the quality of the resin parts I started work straight away.  The nose only requires a total of six cuts (three on each side) and the tail only two.  I kept the cockpit detail to a minimum as not much can be seen through the canopy anyway.

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The resin replacement parts consist of a new nose, tail, horizontal and vertical tail surfaces.  The parts are so finely moulded (the set just screams quality at you on opening the box) that if care is taken, it will be impossible to tell the resin from the plastic...

I made one error on my kit and that was not sanding down enough plastic from the kit parts to comfortably accept the resin parts.  This led to some slight sanding to the outside of the kit.  The moral here? Take your time!  As all the aircraft concerned were rebuilds, I have not gone overboard with the weathering, but will introduce a bit more wear and tear when I have completed the decaling.

I chose to model the third prototype XV263 which was used for the Air to Air Refuelling tests.  After the cancellation of the project her hulk was canbalised for parts for the rest of the Nimrod fleet.  I still have to fit the antenna and aerial fit, more research as the aircraft seemed to vary.  I am not sure of final numbers, but there were at least nine aircraft converted to the AEW configuration.  Again, this will repay careful research.  I hope that you like what I have done so far and that it inspires those of you who have not tried any of Cammett's products to do so, go on you know that you want to really!

I will send another pic of the completed Nimrod when the fit has been completed and all the decals added.  This is such a good conversion that I intend to purchase at least another one!

Kind regards


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Photos and text by Ian Foulkes, M.A.