1/72 Platz RQ-1A Predator

by Alex Sidharta


Indonesia Independence Day 2008 


The kit is released by Platz of Japan.  And most probably it is the same kit released by Italeri for the European market only and Accurate Miniatures for the other parts of the world.

The kit consists of only 23 parts in 2 sprues. The plastic itself is a little bit grainy, but the small parts are very well injected and delicate.  I took only 30 minutes to assemble major parts.  No filler needed.

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The colors suggested are confusing although Platz gave us full serial options, including a lot of spare numbers.  I think we can build any available UAV operated by USAF, US NAVY and NASA (which is quite different, I think).  Some of the options show a  "humped" (fuel tank ?) RQ-1, but the part is not given. Perhaps for future release?

I used Gunze's FS 36495 for overall color.  The Cartograph-printed decals that are  supplied are superb. They stick well and are thin.  MM coating sealed everything at the end.

There are slots for weapon pylons on the wings but should be filled on this kit. And "MQ-1/RQ-1" is written on the sprue.  I think a Hellfire-armed Predator variant is on the way.

Is it a good kit ? Definitely.


Photos and text by Alex Sidharta