1/144 Platz Fw 190D

by Marcus Brown



This is my 1/144 scale Fw 190D from Platz.  The kit is very nice in that it includes 2 full models and 2 sets of each type of canopy.  I did a fair amount of scratch building on this model.  As in most kits of the 190D in 1/48 scale and smaller this kit has incorrect wheel well of the 190A series.  In order to correct this I removed the inboard sections of the wheel well and scratch built the rear of the engine that would be seen with the open wheel well of the 190D.  In order to display the canopy in an open position I used a razor saw to cut off the front half of one of the canopies and the back half of the other.  The cockpit that comes with the kit is basically just a seat.  Since the canopy was going to be in an open position, I scratch built a gun sight, instrument panel, throttle, canopy actuation handle, control column and added seat belts.  On the exterior I drilled out the supercharger air intake, added a pilot step, replaced the machine barrels with hypodermic needles and added various antennas.

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I painted the model with Model Master acrylics and Alclad II metallic paints sprayed through a Peak C-5 airbrush.  The fine kit decals were used and Jerry Crandall's excellent Fw 190D Dora volume 1 was used as my reference.

All-in-all this was a very fun kit to build.  Now I just need to let my eyes recover.


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Photos and text by Marcus Brown