34 mm Grey Knight

by Christian Curec - aka Chris Cat


Romania National Day 2007


I am usually modeling airplanes, but this year I have worked mainly abroad  thousand of kilometres away from home.  So I was obliged to model something else, and I took the logical decision to switch to figures due to the fact that they do not requir a lot of equipment.

It is a different modeling world and I had to learn a lot in order to be partially satisfied with my technique.  But let me present figure to you: 

Grey Knights

In the world of Warhammer 40.000 the Grey Knights are a chapter of Space Marines.  They are a mysterious chapter acting as Demonhunters under the order of the Inquisition.

The Legend tells that they were created by the Emperor of Mankind in order to fight the Chaos.  It was  gene-seed from eight Space Marines that resisted the corruption of demons and proved their loyalty to humanity.  All the eight Space Marines had dormant paranormal skills.  It is rumored that the Grey Knights are the only one who understand the true nature and secrets of demons and how to defeat them.

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Arrus is a Warhammer Metal figure representing a Grey Knight armed with a power sword and a Psy-canon.

I primed it, and painted it with Citadel acrilyc paints.  No airbrush was used.  Only brushes.  I played a lot with the light, some of the skulls have 4 different shades of the same colour blended together in order to catch the proper glare and fall of light on to his forms.

Heraldic sign and the writing on the books were painted freehand.

Several thin layers of paint and no drybrush was the secret behind painting this small figurine.


Used a small tree bark attached with superglue on the round base.  Some sand, painted and drybrushed (the only place were I used this technique).  A bush, needle and some Warhammer razorwire completed the base.



I like it very much.  In a certain way it has completely change my view over modeling and I am sure it will influence all the other models that I will do in the future.

Best regards form the Land of Dracula J.


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Photos and text by Christian Curec