1/32 Revell Spitfire Pr19

Using MDC Conversion Kit

by Chris Elcock



I've always wanted a 1/32 Mk 19 and the only way I could get one is to use the MDC conversion kit (32.00).  Once I got the conversion kit the next step was to buy a Revell Mk1 and start chopping away the front section along with the fin and discard the wings in favour of a pair of resin c wings also supplied by MDC.  Everytime I make a kit I like to try and learn something new and filling isn't my strongpoint, so into the deepend with this project.  Cutting away the fin and fitting the resin one wasn't too difficult, the main problem I found was fitting the solid resin griffon nose the the open front end of the Mk1.  I ended up putting some plastic inserts into the front fuselage then making an insert that would fit into the front thus blocking the hole up and giving me more surface area which to glue the resin nose section on.  The wings for this kit were resin C wings which when fitted to the fuselage needed a length of coat hanger wire fit into the roots of each wing so that when bent would give the correct dihedral.  Now with the nose and wings fit it was down to filling and rubbing down, the wing to fuselage fit wasn't very good for me, so plenty of sanding was required followed by a good dose of squadron fast drying white putty.  I applied this putty using my daughters rapido game which has some excellent tools for applying filler.  

Once I was happy with the filling, I started to spray the model, now PR blue seems to be all kinds of blue, so I used some photographs I took of PM631 at The Battle Of Britain Memorial Flight for reference and began mixing, the markings for the aircraft were all sprayed on as I'd never done this before and fancied having a go. The only problem I have now is putting the pm631 serial on the aircraft as I can't find decals to suit.  I am quite happy with the result and I've learned a lot from building this model, as long as you learn something new each time it's got to a success.


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Photos and text by Chris Elcock