1/72 Hasegawa F-16CJ

by Gareth Phua 



This is my third completed kit for 2007.

This was a relatively simple and fuss free build.  With careful building, this kit should be pretty nice straight out of the box.  But of course, me being me, I took MANY shortcuts, like not removing the molding line on the missiles or filling in the ejector pin marks.  Not to mention rushing to glue the exhaust can onto the fuselage and therefore using liquid cement instead of white glue (which would've worked better if the parts weren't already painted).

Colours used were generally Gunze 305, 306, 308 & 307 for the radome.  Some of the smaller parts were handpainted with Vallejo white (for the intake mounted HTS & AIM-120 missile heads) or black (AIM-9 missile head & AIM-120 fins).  The exhaust was painted with a gloss black base, then Gunze silver and finally the GE petals given a coat of Alclad Jet Exhaust

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Decals were out of the box and I didn't put many of the warning stencils cos I couldn't be bothered. Markings denote an F-16CJ from 79th Fighter Squadron in 79th Anniversary markings from Shaw Air Force Base, during the 1997 Tiger Meet.

All in all, a fun and pretty fast build. I decided to mount it onto a base and am now looking to put a squadron badge on the blank space of the base.  Anyone knows where to buy these patches?  Base was purchased from Daiso, a local fixed price store, about US$1.50 for a pack of two. I airbrushed Gunze 123 dark green onto it.

Thank you for looking, and please feel free to offer your criticism and constructive comments.


Photos and text by Gareth Phua