1/72 Zhengdefu F-14D

Gallery Article by Dan Tickle


Hi, my names Dan Tickle and I'm a 17 year old High school student in Southern California, I've been building models since age 6.  This is one of my latest models, and is very inaccurate.  It is also my first submission!

The Zhengdefu F-14D "U.S. Airforce trainer" as they call it should be dealt with in only one way: open box, realize mistake in buying, deposit in garbage.  In my case I decided to build this piece.  The fit is terrible, the tail surfaces from what can tell are all wrong, but anyway I still built it, and it acquired this made-up paint scheme through its lack of decent decals, the worse I have ever seen, but what can you expect for $6?


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The MiGcat story:
When it became obvious the Soviet Union needed a new fighter for its Lenitz class carrier the famous MiG design bureau designed this, at Stalin IIIs request, the Mig-14 Migcat. A simpified version of the famous U.S. Navy fighter, and the rest is history.......

Enjoy the photos.

Dan Tickle


Photos and text by Dan Tickle