1/72 Hasegawa ES-3A Shadow

Gallery Article by Thomas Neuss


1/72 ES-3A, Hasegawa kit with some extra detailing  

The ES-3A Shadow is the “electronic”  variant of the well known S-3A Viking.

It is the standard Hasegawa kit of the S-3 and Hasegawa added the parts needed to build this special version as metal parts in good quality.


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The building is no problem and there are to version on the decal sheets, both very attractive CAG-birds. So I have to build the other one, too.  

The kit is mainly OOB, just some detailing was added inside the cockpit and as I wanted to build the ES-3A with an Inflight Refueling Pod I had to build the pod scratch. I have a buddy-buddy-ifr pod from flightpath, but it seems not to be the correct one for the Viking.

Building the pod was not so difficult, taking a fuel pod, cutting both ends and attaching the small rotor from a Prowler jamming pod and the basket and light panels made from sheet and putty.  

All in all a fast project and a nice replic of an important variant of the S-3.

I used Gunze colours and my airbrush and oil paints for the weathering, because I was building a “used” aircraft. For fixing the colour before weathering and to fix the decals i used some layers of future (actually I used the German version: Aerdal Glaenzer) and a last layer of Gunze flat clear.

I hope you like it  

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Thomas Neuss


Photos and text © by Thomas Neuss