A different kind of meeting

Gallery Article by Kyrre Ingebrethsen


Living in the North of Norway makes the social aspect of our hobby a bit different. We do have a modelling club, but it's not very local. The club is tied to Troms County, and the 25-or-so members live as far as 600 kilometers apart. In order for all of us to meet up  we arrange a modelling weekend  twice a year, with the location and hosts rotating. It started off as a one-off, but ended up being a very popular event, with people showing up from other parts of the country as well.

This autumn's meeting  in Salangen (see map with Texas superimposed as measure) was rather special with the introduction of a project for the winter and spring to come. We are to make models of all the aircraft types participating in the fighting over Narvik during the German invasion in 1940. All the models, decals, etchings and conversions are paid for by the Memorial Museum in Narvik. The models have to be built to a very high standard, and will be placed in a specially made exhibition area once completed.

But first the models have to be built. The plan is to have a more or less complete exhibition in May 2003. The kits are all 1:48 unless noted, most of them with Eduard etchings and/or the appropriate conversion, such as MDC's offerings for the Ju88's. As you can see some of the planes are unique, such as the Do24V-1. As is apparent from one of the pictures Kjetil has been given the arduous task of converting the  incredibly expensive MPM Do24T to a V-1. Key words: Diesel Engines.


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All kinds of modellers areinvolved, even armour builders!(Picture below is of Arild struggling with the Arado 196. Fueled with Jello candy and beer..... he's nevertheless quite happy.)

Here's the list:
Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, RodenSupermarine Walrus, Classic Airframes,
Fairey Swordfish Mk.I, Tamiya,
Fairey Swordfish Mk.I Floatplane, Tamiya,
Heinkel He 115B, Revell. Norwegian and German, 1:72. Any confirmed rumours about a 1:48 Heinkel 115? Please?
Junkers Ju52/3m, Revell Monogram,
Heinkel He111H-3, Revell Monogram,
Junkers Ju 87R-2 (?), Hasegawa 
Hawker Hurricane Mk.I, Hasegawa 
Ju 88 A1, Revell Monogram 
Ju 88 C2, Revell Monogram 
Dornier Do 26V-1, Mach 2, 1:72 
Dornier Do 24V-1, MPM, resin.
Blackburn Skua, Warrior, resin
Arado Ar196, MPM
DH Tiger Moth, Aeroclub
Fokker CVD.. Scratchbuilt.
Messerschmitt 110 D, Fujimi
Messerschmitt 110 C, Fujimi

The pictures show different parts of the weekend activities. As shown we had a small model exhibition for visiting locals, and on different boards around the room we put up specially made profile drawings of the aircraft we were going to build. Modelling wise we made an effort to share different techniques. In one picture below you'll see me having just demonstrated my resin-removal tricks. You might notice the fact that I couldn't find the vacuum cleaner.

You may also notice a mix of beverages on the modelling tables... Our bi-annual meetings are truly social in order to make up for the lack of contact through the year.
To top it off we made a trip to the local army museum, the local pub and the in-house sauna. Luckily for some I haven't included all the pictures taken throughout the weekend...

Whywrite this? Just to show that with a bit of imagination our solitaire hobby might not be so lonely even though some of us live in sparsely populated areas.
Some say there are many ways to kill a cat. I prefer to use resin dust.

Happy Modelling

Kyrre Ingebrethsen

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the Hansa. It's just a lovely model built by Cameron Davis



Photos and text by Kyrre Ingebrethsen