1/48 Hasegawa Spitfire Mk.9

Gallery Article by Fancherello


I recently finished a Spitfire Mk9c.  This aircraft wears French markings during a war in Indochina. It's the Hasegawa kit in 1/48th scale. 

I used different aftermarket parts: CMK interior set: its absolutely marvellous with a very good fit and perfectly cast. 

I also used different Ultracast resin parts: propeller and nose cone, exhaust pipes, wheels, wing bulges and control surfaces. The overall cost is a bit expensive, but they really add to the pleasure when building this kit.


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The assembly didn't cause any problems, the Hasegawa kit is very well designed and my favourite part came quickly: the paintwork.

The overall aircraft was sprayed with Tamiya alu AS-12 in spray can. Then I used gunse arylics heavily thinned with alcohol for the paintwork. I used different shades of grey and green and made various mixes to give a panelling effect. Weathering was done with airbrush, oil paints and pastels.

Eventually I removed paint with a scalpel blade on walking and maintenance areas.

The decals come from a Carpena sheet and took liters of Microset to conform to the panel lines.  A perfect gloss base was absolutely needed for them or else one would find a granny's skinned decal once dry!  But these decal have an absolute merit: they exist! French spits decals are rare!

I hope you'll like it

For any comment or question, feel free to contact me via my mail or my website: http://fancherello.free.fr

And many thanx to Steve for running ARC with daily updates!


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Photos and text by Fancherello