1/35 Diorama named “Brave Heart”

Gallery Article by Sam Wong on Jan 14 2013



     The diorama is based on D-day Allied force invasion Normandy, 1944.  Which showing two LCVPs advanced Omaha beach, and a bomb just missed in front of one landing craft.


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     I using a 15”x27” plywood as a base, than I using a 2’ thick, and a same size airplane wood, hand crave out a general shape of water wave, after that, I using artist clay to fine tune the shape.  Than I painted the whole base with ocean blue color.  After that, I airbrushing a different shape of blue color to simulate the depth of water.  Finally, I heavy coated a layer of “Future” on overall base.

     The land craft (LCVP) are from Italeri, I pretty much just build it out of the box, each landing craft have about 24 figures, which mean there are total 48 figures, and they are all from Dragon and Miniart, I only converted all figure in different posed, and painted it. 

     Overall, it’s took me about 4 months to build and finished it, and the most difficult part are working on 48 figures instead of the water wave.  But I enjoy every minutes on it.  The model win a second place on the Hong Kong 2012 open model competition on the diorama category.  I hope everyone enjoy it.  Thanks.

Sam Wong

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Photos and text © by Sam Wong