1/144 Anigrand Craftswork C-5B Galaxy

Gallery Article by Jack Alexander on Jan 28 2011


Dover AFB, No. 60025
Kit# AA-4058
$140.00 from NostalgicPlastic.com

The Kit
This is the Anigrand C-5B/M Galaxy kit.  I have always wanted to build a C-5 model for some time but the recent prices for the Otaki/Revell/Testors C-5's have been shooting up past $100.  I got the kit as a gift from my family.  This model is cast in full resin, unlike the Otaki C-5, which is injection molded. The gear struts are resin and with the weight of the completed model I was afraid of it snapping.  The parts were organized in little bags and in sections.  The model came with three bonus kits in 1/144 scale of a O-2 Skymaster, a Boeing YUH-61 and a Fairchild T-46 Eaglet. The quality of the mouldings were excellent very little mistakes and no pinholes.  Anigrand does supply the older TF-39 Engines for a C-5B and the nose tip to go with it. 

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I started with the closing the fuselage halves because the was absolutely no cockpit detail, and in this scale, none was needed.  The halves went together with some very small seams. Before I sealed the two fuselage sections together, I added some lead nose weight to balance it out.  I pre-shaded the model flat black and gave it a couple coats of Model Master Air Mobility Command Grey (FS36173) and let it dry for a day.  I started on the engines and wings which were pretty straight forward with minor seamwork.  I pre-shaded the wings black and and gave it a couple of coats of the AMC Grey.  The Tail was simple to build and I attached it to the fuselage and painted it grey.  The wheel wells and struts are painted white and the tires black.  I did break two struts and while trying to reattach them I superglued my finger to the part, which resulted in anger.  The wings had tabs to insert on the model and went on the fuselage with no problems and minor seamwork.  The kit is wrong regarding antennas, they have six small in the rear, but the strip that goes over them is not there.  Also my kit was missing a wheel and it is noticeable on the finished model.

I do wish the instructions were better as I had a hard time with the gear door locations. They did give me four decal sheets of the same one but they were poor quality.  They wouldn't stick on the model at all. 

Overall I would rate this model a 8.5 out of 10.  I liked the looks of the finished model and the way it went together, but I didn't like the decals and instructions.  I do recommend it to everyone.

Jack Alexander

Photos and text by Jack Alexander