1/48 ESCI Canadair Sabre Mk.6

Gallery Article by Rob Nieuwenhoven


When I picked up this kit, I hoped someone would make a conversion for the CAC Sabre made in Australia for the RAAF. Red Roo Models did, but not until I’d finished this kit!   


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I had to split the intake in the same way that CAC did on the original, filling the .50” cal gun ports and drilling new 30 mm ports on each side. The wings, tail and stabilator were sanded to the correct profile and the flaps separated from the wings. New air inlets and outlets were added, as was the IPN starter exhaust in the right wheel well. A duct had to be added to the intake, too.

Wing fences were added, the slats filled in, and the flaps extended and re-fitted.

I liked the look of a 3 SQN aircraft I saw in Stewart Wilson’s book “Meteor, Sabre and Mirage in Australian Service” so I modelled it. Decals came from Roodecals’ RAAF 1/72 set and the kit decals.

Rob Nieuwenhoven


Photos and text © by Rob Nieuwenhoven