1/72 KP MiG-21MF and 1/72 Airfix MiG-29A

Gallery Article by Tibor Nagy


This is my two Hungarian MiG's. On the left is my MiG-21MF, on the right is my MiG-29A, both of which are from Kecskemét Air Base. The MiG-21MF now out of duty and some Fulcrums will be repaired, updated and used until Gripens arrived.


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The MiG-21MF model is by the Czech company KP 
This is a very nice kit, but it's not recommended for beginners... :( I used the P.P Aeroparts PE detail set for the cockpit, seat, engine outlet, airbrakes, landing gear and other aerials. The canopy originally came in the closed position, I cut it to permit me to pose it in the open position. 

Attention: the A/C number (4258) is invalid! Some valid numbers for MF-s: 4403, 4405, 4408, 4409, 4605, 8114, 8201, 8204, 9307, 9315, 9507, 9510, 9515, 9603, 9604.

Camouflage colors: 83, 149 and 65 (all Humbrol)

The MiG-29A model by Airfix. 
This model was built almost out-of-the-box, except for the ejection seat (this is a resin part) and windshield (this is scratchbuilt). Decals are by H.A.D. (Hungarian Armour Decals) from Hungary. 

Camouflage colors: FS36373 and mix of 50% Humbrol-115 and 50% white.

I hope you all enjoyed my Hungarian MiG's.

Tibor Nagy

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Photos and text © by Tibor Nagy