My Basement Workroom

Tools 'n' Tips Article by Keith Hudson



These  are a few pictures of my model kit workshop- I tried to make the entire room as "polished" as I could (due in part to my wife's strong and repeated requests due to it's location right off of the family room- and also include as many workshop amenities as possible in the context of a more formal (or as I've been told ) civilized space.  The work bench area has granite countertops as well as a homemade multi drawer cabinet matching the rest of the custom cabinets on the back wall area- with a power outlet strip and computer jack nearby as well for occasional Online research (or checking the ARC website!) I am embarrassed to admit to the TV set- but there's nothing like working on a model while watching the Flight channel on cable. 

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The back wall display cabinetry has file drawers built into the base cabinets for my individual aircraft folders and shelving for the modeling library. The rest of the decor is simply more living room oriented- leather textured walls and wood decor for that "men's club" feel - tons of task lighting over the workbench to prevent shadowing over the workspace-and as much easily accessible  hand tool storage as possible.

I have created a separate "paint closet" (fig 9)-literally within a closet- that has compressed air supplied to it from the garage compressor and a filtered vent exhausting outside- both designed to keep the noise generated by them as low as possible and keep the dust from flowing freely into the space. There is also a paint "dryer" within the space as well- made using the filters and fan motor from a kitchen vent hood blowing air heated by 2 lightbulbs  thru a large plastic container to keep drying items dust-free as well (fig 10).

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Thanks to ARC for the opportunity to post my pictures....I hope everyone enjoys them- now that it's done I can get back to modeling (finally).

Keith Hudson

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Fig 9

Fig 10

Photos and text by Keith Hudson