Walkaround #820

North American F-86D Sabre Dog  

Reference photos by Tracy & Jeni Saulino

right side front 



This is a North American F-86D Sabre from the McChord AFB Museum in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. This particular plane is, I believe, serial number 52-3669.  I included a photo of the sign in front of the plane just for the information of the viewer.
As with all the photos taken this visit, I apologize for the odd lighting in some of the photos - we are still learning the quirks of our new digital camera. All the planes at McChord are outside displays and interior shots are not available, other than climbing under and looking up wheel wells.  If you happen to have more information about this plane, we'd love to hear it.  Enjoy.

And in reference to the photo named "front view", I challenge anyone who sees this plane in person NOT to be compelled to take a "nose on" photo of it!  lol

Tracy & Jeni Saulino

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front view

right side mid section
Description sign


Photos and text by Tracy & Jeni Saulino