Yakovlev Yak-3UA

These photos were taken by Robert N. Abbott Jr.

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Photos directly below were taken over the last couple of years (2003-2004). The first one (most of the pictures) , was taken again at Langley AFB on 5/22/2004. It is marked in the French Normandie Nieman squadron markings of WW II. The second Yak-3UA (see last 2 photos) was taken at NAS Oceana Virginia, 9/7/2003. It is marked in Russian markings, & has a red nose. This is as close as I could get to this bird, as the VIP section & sponsers sections took up almost the whole entire front edge of the Flight line. Not good for those of whom the vast majority were restricted.........These planes are not replicas , but also not of WW II orgin.....They are Yak-3`s built modern day, but by the Yakovlev factory, using orginal plans, jigs , tools and such. Only differing in the power plant used (US Allison engines) I have included a link to a web site that has a bit more info.   http://www.fotoimages.com/aircraft/ManfSpecs/YA-Yak3.html  Also one minor difference is the addition of a small intake on the upper nose. Other than these differences, they area as Yaky as Yaks can be !

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Photos and text by Robert N. Abbott Jr.