Bell P-39Q Airacobra  Pt. 1

These photos were taken by Stewart Bailey

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This particular aircraft is on display at the Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, Michigan  (where I am the education director), and was photographed prior to the opening of our new museum in April, 2004.  Although it carries the markings of a Bell P-400 Airacobra assigned to the 67th Fighter Squadron on Guadalcanal in 1942, this aircraft is actually a P-39Q.  At one point in its life it was owned by Mira Slovak who configured it as a racer named Mr. Mennen, before passing into the hands of the Confederate Air Force.  It was acquired by the Air Zoo in 1981 and has been maintained in airworthy condition, although it has not been flown since the mid-1980s.  It carries the civil registration NX40A.  For more on the Airacobra and the Air Zoo, visit

Left front quarter view Left rear quarter view Right rear quarter view Right front quarter view


Nose-on view Prop spinner Upper nose gear leg with forward gear door Nose wheel assembly


Nose gear torque link (left side) Nose gear forward door (left side) Nose gear braces (left side) Interior nose gear well looking aft


Nose gear well from below Nose gear well looking forward Left side cowling .50 cal. machine gun Nose lifting / jacking point (left side)


Nose gear door (left side) Oil cooler intakes (left wing root) Left wing .50 cal. machine gun barrels Pitot tube (looking towards wing tip)


Pitot tube (looking inboard) Left side entry door Windscreen (left side) Left hand window and door detail


Left hand door handle Left wing fuel filler cap Left wing navigation light (upper surface) Left wing navigation light (lower surface)


Vent scoop, left wing underside Left main gear viewed from outboard Left main gear leg viewed from front Left main gear leg viewed from front quarter


Left gear leg wheel and brake assembly Left gear leg viewed from rear quarter Left gear leg viewed from directly aft Upper end of left gear viewed from rear


Left gear door viewed from front Left gear door viewed from rear Left aileron upper side Left aileron underside


Left aileron hinges Trim tabs on left aileron Left wing walkway Belly between gear doors looking aft


Oil cooler exhaust viewed from left rear Oil cooler exhaust viewed from direct rear Underside warning beacon (note small vent pipe) Small vent tube under rear fuselage


National insignia - left side fuselage Radio aerial attachment point - rear fuselage Rear lifting / jacking point (left side) Data plate location (left side beneath horizontal stabilizer)


Data plate close up Tail assembly (left side) Elevator hinge point (left side) Elevator hinge- mid-span


Left elevator trim tab (underside) Left elevator trim tab (upper surface) Left elevator Rudder control pulley (left side)

Photos and text 2004 by Stewart Bailey