Walkaround #609

Sikorsky HH-60G Pavehawk 

Reference photos by Sal Provenzano

Front exterior Air refueling boom



I'm including 46 photos of two aircraft. Even though there's two aircraft I've stuck to the walkaround concept as if there was one aircraft. One HH-60G is an old style configuration which is still out in the fleet, and the second HH-60G is the new configuration. I've indicated "old style" or "new Mod" in the photos so the readers can see the differences. Mainly that's with the placement of the RHAW gear or plume detectors, and positioning of the position lights. The old style had them on the main gear sponsons but the new Mod has them up on the ESSS fairings. This is due to the new Mod having plume detectors on the main gear sponsons.

OK, These pictures were taken at my unit's hangar. They are two Alaska Air National Guard 210th RQS (Rescue Squadron) HH-60G Pavehawks. One HH-60G (26472) is an old style configuration undergoing maintenance, and the second HH-60G (26466) is a new Mod bird. The photos were taken in December 2003.

Sal Provenzano

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Front exterior New Mod nose with plume detectors on top of nose; FLIR & Radar; right landing light deployed.

Front exterior Old Style nose.  Note: no VHF-FM homing antennas behind pilot/co-pilot's door.
Front exterior Close-up of FLIR & Radar.
Right side forward exterior Close-up of Landing gear sponson; front part of ski; pilot's step.  Note: no wire cutters on main landing gear strut due to ski mounts.


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Right side forward Interior details of pilots door.

Right side forward exterior detail of pilot's seat, rotor pedals, cyclic stick.

Right side cockpit Pilot's collective stick, cyclic stick, center instrument panel with FLIR stick, main instrument panel.
Right side cockpit Center instrument panel with FLIR controls and displays; main instrument panel.


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Right side cockpit Center Instrument panel with FLIR controls, rear instrument panel, co-pilot's seat, interior door, and cyclic stick.

Right side cockpit Overhead instrument panel; rotor brake details, engine controls, cockpit lighting.
Right side cockpit Close-up of overhead instrument panel with engine control levers.
Right side exterior Open rear door; stokes litter with MA-1 kit inside, rear of right ski.  Note the bar below the lower main door frame.  This was a safety Mod after a PJ died when the hoist cable contacted the main door sill and was cut (happened in Korea).


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Right side exterior Close-up of external hoist.  Some newer HH-60G's do not have the see-through Plexiglas plate (to see the hoist cable drum), and instead have a solid plate.

Right side cabin interior Hard-mounted external hoist controls, flexible hoist controls (hand trigger unit), FE's fire extinguisher, moveable gear storage box with seat, rear of pilot's seat.

Right side cabin interior_FE's (Flight Engineer's) station; back of pilot's rear instrument panel, rear of pilot's seat, FE's instrument/control panel console, ELT, fire extinguisher.
Right side cabin interior_Overhead cabin roof detail, showing H-bar, rappel rings and static line cables.


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Right side exterior top Rotor head/mast detail.

Right side exterior top Rotor blade grip/base detail, control rod pitch link detail, rotor blade de-ice wires.

Right side exterior top Top rear of cabin roof; detail of (right to left) ALQ-144 IR jammer mount fairing, SATCOM antenna, GPS receiver antenna, IFF transponder.
Right side exterior Front of HIRSS


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Right side exterior Rear detail of HIRSS showing fuselage support rods and internal HIRSS baffles.

Right side tail exterior Tailboom showing fuel dump tube, strobe position light and blade antennas.  Note: no chaff/flare boxes and the word "rescue" (not USAF).
Right side tail exterior Tailboom showing chaff & flare boxes installed. 
Right side tail exterior Vertical tail base with fairings removed; tail rotor drive shaft with linkage gearbox.  Steps for tail rotor inspection are deployed/pulled out.


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Right side tail exterior Tail-wheel, strut, and ski.

Right side tail exterior Old style vertical tail showing Alaska markings, no plume detectors at rear, and tail rotor inspection steps deployed / pulled out.

Right side tail exterior New Mod vertical tail showing Alaska markings and plume detectors with fairing at rear.  Tail rotor inspection steps are stowed/not pulled out.
Right side tail exterior Tail rotor hub detail with control rods/links.


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Rear tail exterior Tail rotor angle, antenna angle.  Note: tail rotor gearbox fairing is removed for maintenance.

Rear tail exterior Old style plume detectors on lower vertical tail, rear of tail wheel/strut/ski.
Rear tail top exterior Left side/top of folding horizontal stabilator, tail rotor drive shaft linkage gearbox.
Left side tail exterior Top left of vertical tail with tail rotor gearbox fairing removed.  Detail of tail rotor gearbox, antenna, and tail rotor.


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Left side tail exterior Tail wheel, strut and ski showing wiring.

Left side tailboom exterior No chaff/flare boxes mounted, APU exhaust port, tailboom vent, antennas.  Note "RESCUE" on tailboom.
Left side tailboom exterior Chaff and flare boxes installed; APU exhaust port.
Left side exterior New Mod position light location on ESSS fairing, engine inlet (note remove before flight tag), rotor head.


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Left side exterior New Mod main gear sponson (however plume detectors are removed at home base).  Left main gear with ski, gunner's  window, left main gear support.

Left side exterior Rear of left main gear and ski.
Left side cabin interior Note single 185 gallon internal auxiliary fuel tank at left rear of cabin (standard to give more working/stowage space.  Sometimes two 185 gal tanks are installed side-by-side).  Stokes litter with MA-1 kit inside secured to floor in front of auxiliary fuel tank.  Gear storage rack directly to right of auxiliary fuel tank (this is removed when both tanks are installed).  Deployable life raft kit (orange bag) on far right hand side.  "monkey" harness hanging from overhead.
Left side cabin interior Close-up of internal auxiliary fuel tank tie down straps, interior of ride side of cabin, hoist hard mounted controls, survival gear sled/box (red) near FE's station.


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left side cabin interior Left cabin door open.  Single 185 gal internal auxiliary fuel tank details, stokes litter on floor with MA-1 kit inside, gear bag hanging from auxiliary fuel tank, cabin roof detail.  Note: tail rotor gearbox fairing stowed inside for maintenance.

Left side cabin interior Gunner's station; fire extinguisher, gunner's instrument/control panel/rack, rear of co-pilot's seat, back of pilot's rear instrument panel.  No gunner's seat installed.

Left side exterior Gunner's window and left cabin door open.  Rotors removed for maintenance, engine inlet detail, old style position lights (not on ESSS fairing).  Note: main rotor mast is green.  Some are metal colored, some are green or O/D.
Left side forward exterior Old style position light location.  Left main gear sponson detail showing brake lines.  Front of left ski showing Oleo strut. Co-pilot's step.


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Left side forward exterior Co-pilots lower door with handle, front of left main gear sponson, co-pilot's step, wirestrike diversion blade below co-pilot's door (located on both sides of aircraft).


Photos and text by Sal Provenzano