F-8 E(FN) Crusader French Navy

These photos were taken by Emmanuel Banon

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Photos directly below were taken at BAN Landivisiau (BAN means NAS in French) in 1994.

left side of an aircraft which is not yet a F-8P (P=prolongé in french.....protracted). No Sherlock device on the tail fin. ready to fly on a cool and wet morning.


the shark face of the Crusader is obvious here. The Magic missile is for training only. Martin Baker MK F5AF ejection seat and the Donald Duck 's insignia of the 12F (painted on Rafale M now). left side console. The position of the insignia is not the same as on the picture directly to the left. front panel and control stick


left console and throttle. right console. Note that there's no chute on the seat bucket. ejection seat without chute and back pad. the area behind the seat. The green bottle is for oxygen


the ejection seat. "disponible" means available. the lower straps..rather complex at first sight top of the seat. The rectangular headrest is missing. Compare with picture 6. the front jet intake


the radar radome the airbrake right main gear bay. The opened airbrake is also visible. left main wheels


rear of the left main gear bay. Note that's not durty at all. left main gear bay. middle of the same bay. front of the bay.


left main gear door left main gear door rear of the Crusader. Note the Sherlock device at the top ; this is a "P" aircraft.


side air intake from outside...... .....and from inside. the J 57 engine. inside view of the engine

A good walkaround of the F-8P can be found on this website http://frenchnavy.free.fr. This site is written in French but also in English.

Photos and text © 2004 by Emmanuel Banon