Walkaround #594

Armstrong Whitworth Meteor NF14

Reference photos by Mark Walsh

Frontal view showing the lengthened nose of the NF14, which accommodates the types all weather intercept radar



These photos were taken at Solway Aviation Museum on 15th August 2002

Mark Walsh

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The nosegear of the meteor incorporates both a large mudguard and flush wheel hubcaps

Frontal view of the NF14, notice the conformal ventral fuel tank and external tanks under each wing
Out on display the meteor suffers from the Cumbrian weather requiring continuous restoration
A view into the pilots seat through the canopy, the radar operator would sit behind the pilot although the RO's consoles are missing from this aircraft.


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A rather dented port external fuel tank which on this machine is a semi-permanent fixture rather than a conventional drop tank

A view along the meteors spine, notice the canopy slide rails, unlike the earlier night fighter versions the NF14's canopy is a minimally framed single transparent moulding
The tail features a split hydraulically operated rudder with trim tab on the lower portion only
Rear view of the NF14, although a Gloster design production of the NF14 was carried out by Armstrong Whitworth to allow Gloster to keep up production of the F.8 day fighter version


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As with all meteors the ventral tank is a removable fixture though in fact it has probably been on this aircraft ever since it came off the production line

View of the inboard trailing edge of the starboard wing showing the fence type speedbrake and trailing edge of the split flap
The wing of the NF14 displays the semi-eliptical shape of the earlier Meteors rather than the rather more square tipped wing of the F8.
Port main gear, note the large mud/debris guard. Also seen are the rear attachments of the conformal ventral


Photos and text by Mark Walsh