Waco CG-4A Combat Glider 

s/n 45-15009 from WW2

These photos were taken by Michael Boyd

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Photos directly below were taken at the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover AFB, Dover DE on 10 January 2004.

The photos are in 2 groups, the first covering the restored nose section on display at the museum and the second covering the unrestored cargo/troop compartment and rear fuselage sections in the restoration hangar on the base (the wings and tail surfaces were stacked against the hangar wall and inaccessible).

Group 1 (nose section)

Right side view of restored nose section Cockpit viewed from rear
Cockpit controls (numbered as follows:)
1. Pilot's control wheel2. Copilot's control wheel

3. Instrument panel

4. Interphone microphone

 5. Pilot's rudder pedals

6. Toe brakes

7. Copilot's rudder pedals (no toe brakes)

8. Spoiler control rods (left and right)

 9. Nose release lever


Instrument panel (numbered as follows:)
 1. Navigation light switches
 2. Landing light switch
 3. Airspeed indicator
 4. Rate-of-climb indicator
 5. Turn-and-bank indicator
 6. Altimiter
7. Compass



Overhead controls (numbered as follows:)

1. Tow line release

2. Rudder trim

3. Elevator trim

4. Aileron trim

5. Parachute release


Pitot tube above nose Nose framing left side Cockpit floor from left side (note nose release and spoiler levers) Pilot seat from left front Copilot sear from rear

Group 2 (unrestored fuselage sections in restoration hangar)

Cargo/troop compartment details Cargo/troop compartment from rear Left main landing gear Right main landing gear


Rear fuselage and tailwheel (note the 2 zippered access flaps) Elevator control pulleys in upper rear fuselage near tail One of four troop benches from cargo/troop compartment (so lightweight, I saw a 7-year old child lift it)

Photos and text 2004 by Michael Boyd