F-15J/DJ Eagle - Japan Air Self Defence Force

These photos were taken by Piripi Kerr 

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Photos directly below were taken at Nyutabaru Air Base in Miyazaki-ken, Japan on 07 December 2003. The three aircraft photographed here are based at Nyutabaru.  F-15DJ 82-8091 of the Tactical Fighter Training Group (Hiko Kyodotai) in one of the "aggressor" schemes used.  This aircraft was license-built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and delivered to the JASDF in 1998. F-15J #810 and #834 belong to 23 Squadron and were delivered in 1982 and 1984 respectively.

The green colour looks the same as the lighter green  used on JASDF F-1s and RF-4EJs 2 3 Some F-15DJs have two handgrips on the canopy frame for the backseater.


5 6 None of the JASDF F-15s have turkey feathers 8


9 10 11 Demonstrating the F-15s controls, under carriage etc.


ACES II Ejection seat.  Straps are sage green, cushions beige (though some are green). Licence-built F100-IHI-220E DEEC engine

Photos and text 2004 by Piripi Kerr