Walkaround #552

CF-104 Weapons load

Reference photos by an unknown photographer.

Photo 1



Here is a pic of the weapons carried by the CF-104 in Germany in the later part of it's career. In front are 20mm rounds, HEI in yellow, Target Practice in blue and MP50 (Multi Purpose) in red. The bombs are Mk-82 Snakeye, Mk-20 Rockeye and BL755. Under the wings on Twin Stores Carriers are LAU-5003 19 tuberocket pods with 2.75" CRV-7 rockets laid out in front. The smaller rocket pod at the side of the nose is the LAU-5002 6 tube pod. On the other side of the nose is the MN-1A practice bomb dispenser with the usual practices bombs beside it. They are Mk-106s in the front and back with a pair of BDU-33s in the middle.

I was at the side when they were setting up this shot and it's a scan of the copy i got.


Photos and text by unknown photographer